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Bitumen Emulsion

We are one of the market's leading companies, providing a diverse range of Bitumen Emulsion. Bitumen Emulsion is available from us in a quality-approved range. Our products are highly regarded by customers due to their superior quality.
A bituminous emulsion is a mixture of fine bituminous droplets and emulsifiers that are dispersed in water. The purpose of the emulsifier is to make the emulsion stable for shipping / storage and breakage during use.

What are the benefits of Bituminous Emulsion

Good cohesion (adhesiveness) with the aggregate due to:

  • Opposite loading of the bitumen to the aggregate

  • Greater surface coverage of the aggregate due to the increase of the binder in aggregate and the initial water content of the rock emulsion, which is then evaporates. This is , which is commonly known as Binder Rise, Binder Uppage, or Binder Creep.

  • Can be applied in cooler conditions, extending the sealing season.

  • Used at lower temperatures, therefore no / less chance of severe burns

  • No smoke generated